2899 SWISH Jacuzzi Bathtub

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SWISH bathtub’s innovative design and outstanding high quality, as well as elaborate curves, make it stand out. 


  • Size: H: 600 mm x W: 1500 mm x L: 800 mm
  • Bubble Bath Technology
  • Temperature Lock Technology
  • Waterfall massage bathtub
  • Touch digital control system (with water sensor & ozone disinfection FM Radio & loudspeaker)
  • Waterfall & water massage digital control
  • Ultra-thin design air whirlpool adjusting switch
  • Whirlpool massage (1.5 HP water pump/1 pc)
  • Ultra-thin design water massage jets: 6 pcs big + 4 pcs small
  • Comfortable headrest 1 pc
  • Hot & cold water mixer & diverter mixer & water intake faucet & hand shower
  • Backwater drainer with overflow
  • Romantic decorative LARGER waterfall
  • Bubble bath (300W bubble pump/1 pc)
  • Bubble jets: 8pcs
  • Bubble jet with romantic LED light
  • Chrome-finished mixer & water jets & drainer

Overall Features:




Highly skilled research and development team of SWISH work around the clock to be ahead of the trends and allow SWISH to be at the forefront of the industry. We always provide the best Design based on customer demands.


SWISH develops the best sustainable, durable products. Our products are produced with high quality materials, apply sustainable production methods, innovative thinking and trendsetting research.


SWISH always keep in touch with customers and always be ready to assist them. Before & aftersales service helps us to get the customer satisfaction and holds the trust forever.

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