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Luxurious One Piece Commodes

One Piece Commodes from SWISH – a symbol of innovation and comfort that redefine your bathroom experience. Crafted with great accuracy, these commodes offer a perfect blend of modern technology and sophisticated design. Install the Commode and brings wellness to your bathroom with amazing elegance and personality

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Luxurious One Piece Toilet Commode

Building Material and features that makes the One Piece Commode Superior for your bathroom:

3/6L Dual Flush: 3/6L dual flush mechanism is used to build the commode to ensure efficiently manage of water consumption. This innovative feature provides the flexibility to choose between a partial 3L flush for liquid waste and a full 6L flush for solid waste, contributing to water conservation while ensuring effective waste disposal.

Micro-CleanJet Glaze: Micro-CleanJet Glaze technology is being used on the surface of the commode to confirm effortless cleaning. This specialized glaze prevents dirt and residue from adhering to the commode surface, ensuring a consistently clean and hygienic toilet with minimal maintenance.

Super Jet Flush: Put an end to your confusion about creating OCD when it comes to fully cleaning up your commode after toilet with Super Jet Flush technology. This powerful flushing mechanism generates a strong water flow, effectively cleaning the bowl and minimizing the need for manual intervention, making your bathroom routine more convenient.

Kinetic Suction Power: Kinetic Suction Power mechanism is used to provide efficient water uses to create a perfect water flow system. This technology optimizes water flow during flushing, preventing splashing and ensuring effective waste removal, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient commode experience.

UF Seat Cover: Enjoy a durable and comfortable seating experience with the UF seat cover. Crafted with high-quality materials, it offers longevity while providing a smooth and pleasant seating surface, adding an extra touch of luxury to your bathroom routine.

360° Inner Glaze: 360° Inner Glaze polished and coated with the surface to maintain a clean appearance. This comprehensive glazing covers the entire inner surface of the toilet bowl, facilitating easy cleaning and ensuring a consistently clean appearance.

Antibacterial Crystal Glaze: Antibacterial Crystal Glaze is used to maintain the proper hygiene of your bathroom. This innovative feature incorporates antibacterial properties into the glaze, ensuring that your commode remains hygienic and safe for use.

Back Pain Release: Experience comfortable support during long-term uses Back Pain Release. This feature is designed to alleviate strain on the lower back, providing comfort and ensuring that your bathroom experience is as relaxing as possible.

Air Pressure Technology: Optimize water usage with Air Pressure Technology. This technology regulates water pressure during flushing, delivering effective waste removal while conserving water resources, and contributing to eco-friendly practices.

Soft Closing Seat Cover: Eliminate noisy and disruptive seat cover slams with the Soft Closing Seat Cover. This feature ensures a gentle and quiet closing motion, enhancing the tranquillity of your bathroom environment while adding a touch of convenience.

Browse through our selected collection of one-piece commodes and choose your preferred one which could be a smart commode to provide an exceptional bathroom experience. Each aspect of these commodes is carefully crafted to prioritize efficiency, hygiene, and user comfort.

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